I have a project coming up which requires some non-rectangular rear projection screens installed on windows. We’ve been investigating specialist rear-projection films and have found the options to be thrillingly expensive. 3M’s Vikuiti seems to be the byword in high-end rear projection films, but I couldn’t find any local distributors, and a 10m x 1.2m roll of GlassVu will set you back AU$5,000-8,000+. Not the kind of thing I’d be keen to cut in to weird shapes and install for a single evening.

Mememamo’s recent Visual Space Music installation brought up a considerably less expensive solution: Ikea’s vinyl SAXĂ…N curtains.

I’m going to be picking up a supply of these curtains soon to give them a try, but as more CDM readers are putting together installations these days, I think it would be beneficial to have this information available for the community.

What are people using for cost-effective or temporary rear-projection?