Tell Us Your Picks: Top Visualists, Best Work of 2009

Another calendar clicks by. Printable calendar and photo by Joe Lanman. Visualists: it’s time to talk about the work that inspired you over the past year. As I go through the top electronic music albums of the year, it occurs to me that a similar compilation is badly needed in the world of visuals. What […]

Live Music Makers Ask: How Can We Get in Sync?

Sync or swim, indeed. Synchronized swimming performance in Brighton, which itself had to sync with live music and cinema – check out the details, as they’re perfect metaphorically for this story. Photo: Greg Neate. Laptop musicians are feeling out of sync — literally. But we can work together to help the situation. Computer music making […]

Peter Kirn - November 10, 2009

Ask the Readers: Best Visualist Cities

Tokyo, home to the audiovisual scene and birthplace of Motion Dive, must be at least one candidate. Photo: Joi Ito. It’s time for a little geographical smackdown. Opening my inbox today, I found this query from Andrew Zukoski: If you were going to travel to 3 or 4 cities outside of north america to look […]

Peter Kirn - July 20, 2009

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