The creators of interactive iPhone music app RjDj have posted a quick update on their blog answering a number of questions readers have raised here. The easiest fix: if you can’t hear RjDj’s output, you need to use the official Apple headset and mic. Tougher, but in the works: iPod touch support, and a fix for the nasty crash bug. Don’t tell us here on comments; go straight to their bug tracker and help them squash the problem. (One reader here thinks the issue may be downloading over-the-air rather than via iTunes sync.)

Some people were trying to install RjDj on their Ipod touch, which does not work because we currently only support the iPhone (we are working on an iPod touch 2g version too….) Others tried to use RjDj without headset microphone. In theory that should work but only in theory. Ask Paul who spent countless nights on the audio driver how much he cursed over the Apple SDK…

A few people also reported one nasty problem that really twisted the mind of Paul and Guenter: RjDj crashed right after launch. We are working on this but are still trying to find a way to reproduce this error. If it happens to you, read the bug report and send us an email.

Incidentally, as a 1g iPod touch owner, I’m still looking into that; it comes down to homebrew mic support. Now that Apple has lifted their NDA, I hope developers can start to sort some of these odder driver issues.