Photo: Joe Lambert / Shakinda, capturing that special Manheim atmosphere.

How do you put on a great festival for visualists? Ask the crew behind B Seite (that’s B Side, for the native language of us current and former British Empire subjects). Visualist and Quartz Composer guru Shakinda (as seen previously in free tutorials here) was there, and reports back:

Last weekend I was over performing and giving a quartz composer workshop and the most excellent B Seite festvial, Pixelschubser and his team had put a fantastic amount of effort into a very inspiring program…. It was shot on a movie mode of a digital stills camera so excuse the quality and sound!

It looks insanely hot. If this doesn’t make you want to start throwing some eye candy-filled visual parties and workshops, nothing will. I know we can get our geek on just like the Germans (well, I have at least a few drops of German blood, and a German surname).

Viva la visualist revolucion!

B Seite / B Side Vj / Visual Arts Festival Mannheim :: Shakinda podcast from shakinda on Vimeo.