We’re in the middle of a snowstorm of holidays (most definitely plural), and, for many of you, possibly also a snowstorm of snow. So, gather by the fire with your robotic DIY carillon and bask in the warm glow of gorgeous, chimey Prokofiev.

What? Haven’t got a DIY bell-playing construction of your own? It’s not snowing? Gather by the YouTube and bask in its warm glow instead. Robotic Prokofiev will be all you need. Creator Sarah Angliss of Spacedog sends us the video above.

Video details and technical specs:

Fireside music, performed for your enjoyment in one take after a couple of glasses at the Spacedog HQ, Christmas Eve 2008. Featuring Dolly, the Lakeland Terrier who has hurt her paw.

Bell rig created and programmed by Sarah Angliss (Spacedog UK), camera Colin Uttley.

Microphone-festooned coat hanger expertly held for the full three and a half minutes by Jenny Angliss. www.spacedog.biz

The music is an adaptation of Troika, from Prokofiev’s Lieutenant Kije.

The bells are being played by wooden balls, spring-mounted on servo-controlled beaters, running off a LynxMotion SSC-32 board, receiving serial signals from a Max/MSP patch (which is interpreting a midi file). NB These bells have been recycled from Swinging London, my 2006 installation for the Overture Weekend at the South Bank, London. Here they’ve been mounted on a stainless steel shop fitting, reclaimed from the back yard of Moore’s of Dunstable.

Dolly, feel better!

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