Forget NAMM — one of a handful of hardware I’m most excited about in 2009 is all DIY, the 8-step GorF step sequencer. (I’m hoping for follow-ups like a Forg or Grof. Kermit (Muppet) fans know what I’m talking about.)

With four sequences with parameters, steps with pitch, gate, and Control Change, sequencing controls, legato mode, and the planned ability to both send and receive clock, this is one useful-looking device. And from the video above, it looks like it’s progressing really nicely.

In fact, if you think about it, it’s kind of puzzling that there isn’t a simple, cheap, commercial device that does this. As a kit, though, people could hack in features others might not imagine, it could be combined with other DIY and open source synth and music projects, and it makes a great kit and learning tool — meaning it’s more fun, anyway. And if you want a pink case, you can do that, too, but you can decide whether you want it more salmon or fuchsia.

Paul, do keep us posted!

Via musatkl / nostromo.