ofxMSAPhysics v2 from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

In a word: yummy. Or maybe that’s “bouncy.” Memo Akten’s brilliant ofxMSAPhysics brings open-source physics programming to the C++-based OpenFrameWorks environment, an artist-friendly combination with an elegant API. Coding physics doesn’t require an advanced degree. See today’s post on the beautiful My Secret Heart to watch this library in eye-popping action.

  • particles
  • springs
  • attractions (+ve or -ve)
  • collision
  • replay saving and load from disk (temporarily disabled in current alpha release)
  • custom particles (extend ofxMSAParticle and add to the system)
  • custom constraints (extend ofxMSAConstraint and add to the system)
  • custom force fields (extend ofxMSAParticleUpdater and add to the system)
  • custom drawing (extend ofxMSAParticleDrawer and add to the system)

ofxMSAPhysics Project Page

By the way, don’t assume that the C++ folks get to have all the fun. Aside from the relatively simple but fast-and-useful traer.physics which inspired this more sophisticated outing, Java has stuff like:

jME Physics 2 for jMonkeyEngine [wiki link]

There’s also a java.net project to bring the Open Dynamics Engine to Java, though I’m not sure that that’s terribly current. Java folks, feel free to chime in. But then, if you’re looking to migrate from Processing to OpenFrameWorks, this looks tasty indeed.