Nine Inch Nails have been on tour around Australia with the Soundwave festival, and their artistic director Rob Sheridan has been along for the ride, and took his Canon 5D MKII on stage at various venues.

Full HD Version from Nine Inch Nails.

Screw resolution charts and slow focus pulls on flora, this is how you test out a camera. Take it up on stage with crushing noise, blistering lights, smoke, sweat, and guitarists flailing around. The 5D has taken it all in stride. All of the videos are available for download in 1280×720. That’s a 650MB file for the above video.

Obviously Sheridan’s close collaboration with Trent and NIN has allowed him to work in a way which many artists would find intrusive. Weaving amongst the performers, and handling the manual focus with aplomb, he’s pulled off the most realistic, personal concert footage I’ve seen for a long time.

Update: Here’s a crowd view of the same performance, including Rob moving around the stage. Interesting to remind yourself how a “normal” camera deals with concert lighting.