It’s the soul of YouTube. Or at least, YouTube soul, mashed together.

In case you haven’t already seen this making its rounds, an epic collection of instructional and jazzy video clips get mushed together into a colossal, remixed funk band. What’s lovely about this is that the results don’t sound like a mash up: they sound like these clips somehow sprang to life and joined a soul band, playing live. And then the Theremin arrives.

You watch one video. And then you find there are seven more. ThruYou is a complete YouTube video album, complete with glitched bits of interface artifacts around. And according to the creator, nothing here is faked; that is, “what you see is what you hear.”

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Watch the original Bernard Purdie Drum Shuffle and more goodies at

The creator of this is Kutiman, an Israeli funk musician and producer. How cool is he? This cool:

It turns out the Internet hasn’t totally sucked our Soul.