Mixed Up – Beat Blender and Mixmaster 1200 from Matti Niinimäki on Vimeo.

Matti Niinimäki is back DJing with flea market, broken appliances as physical interfaces – and the whole project is getting better and better. We saw an early prototype of the Beat Blender, a re-purposed Osterizer with fake fuzzy fruit that stand in for loops. Now, Matt has added a handheld mixer for scratching.

The Mixmaster 1200 is a wireless scratching device for the turntablist who prefers to deliver his/her scratches like a 5 star chef. As you can see, the Mixmaster does not have any beaters attached to it. This is because it has small laser powered plasma emitter beaters that actually heat up the airwaves around the device itself producing the unique sounding aural explosions.

Motion – Mixed Up (2009) [originalhamsters]

I recently got to see a Numark NS7 in the flesh, the controller that company hopes will be the last word in DJing. It’s got nothing on this.

I’ve got to hook something up to my Breville… maybe temperature sensors.

Matt may have beat you to this idea, but I guarantee, if you’ve been thinking about alternative controllers, you will never see a flea market in the same way again.