Lusine on the Detroit People Mover, Movement 2009 from Create Digital Media on Vimeo.

I’ve been a big admirer of Lusine’s adept sound palette, which smartly blends minimal, techno, and ambient techniques. That, in turn, represents to me some of the best stuff the US-based label Ghostly International is turning out. Liz McLean Knight sends us this video of a conversation she had with Lusine at Detroit’s Movement Festival in May, wandering onto the city’s People Mover. (You can join in a chorus of the Simpsons “Monorail” tune if you like.)

One aside from Lusine not in the above video: he talked about sticking with stock plug-ins for stability. What he didn’t say, but what you might infer, is that this may help him keep his sound focused rather than getting distracted by other capabilities. On the other hand, speaking of rules that are meant to be broken, he’s friends with Richard Devine, who has a VST folder that could put any of us to shame and bring any VST host to its knees.

You can bet CDM will check in with Lusine when the new album comes out – and we’re eager to hear just what this vocal/”pop” direction may actually sound like.

No relation to the Lusine who was Miss Armenia 2003, though I can’t imagine this Lusine would mind the comparison.