Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess and noise.io developer Amidio have made a crazy-looking hexagonal sequencer for the iPhone. It comes with plenty of samples and factory sessions if you just want to play around, but I imagine the greatest draw for CDM readers is that it allows exporting your own files via a WiFi server application.

(Ahem… cough… Google Android and others don’t require any special app just to get files onto your mobile device. Sorry, something got stuck in my throat. Cough… ahem… can we have a real, live audio system in Android now, please? Whoops, throat thing happened again.)

This application also works with Beatmaker, so you now have a pretty nice studio of mobile apps on the iPhone and iPod touch. If your arms have been cramped whipping out your laptop on the Chinatown bus to Boston (now with 6″ of legroom), this could be a huge help.

More features:

  • Stutter, chorus, and bit-distortion effects
  • Seamless loop creation you can use with Beatmaker or your own favorite audio production tool
  • Cell randomization

JR Hexatone Pro is US$9.99.

JR Hexatone Pro Site @ Amidio
Via the ever-up-to-date, ever green-on-black Matrixsynth

Now, this isn’t the only way to get your hexagon on with music sequencing. See previously:
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Here are the developer’s videos:

…including some preset examples:

Lastly, from Jordan himself, here’s a tutorial on sound programming with the tool: