Another calendar clicks by. Printable calendar and photo by Joe Lanman.

Visualists: it’s time to talk about the work that inspired you over the past year. As I go through the top electronic music albums of the year, it occurs to me that a similar compilation is badly needed in the world of visuals.

What live visual work has inspired you most over the past twelve months? By “live,” let’s assume live projection, live visual performance / VJing, interactive visuals, projection mapping, interactive software, and interactive installation. Were there posts here on CDM that you found especially exciting? Who were your favorite artists and performances? What were your favorite pieces?

There are regularly “top VJ” lists, and they almost always disappoint – not least because the worlds of live visuals now extend into the realms of gaming, outdoor projection, live animation, generative visuals, and all sorts of things that can’t be described as narrowly as “VJing,” even before we get into the problems with that term itself. Nor do club visuals alone really describe a scene that now merges with art, architecture, and interactive software design.

The iPhone today is as much a venue as a dance club, and work with light installation as potentially powerful as a projected video mix.

So, we really need your help. Comments have tended to be quiet on CDMotion, something we want to correct in 2010. Don’t hold back. Let us know what matters to you, and we’ll compile our list in time for New Years’ Eve.

And 2010 looks like it’ll be a fantastic year.