I’ve been reasonably quiet of late, and for that I apologize. I hope, though, that when you hear the reason, you’ll find it in the cold technological cores of your beings to forgive me.

My government has seen fit to create an enormously amazing resource and incubator for technological artists. It’s called The Edge, and it’s located at the State Library of Queensland. I’ve recently taken a job at The Edge as a Catalyst, which means that I’m now getting paid by the government to blog, produce, create, hack, educate and do all of the things that we love on CDM.

Of course, being a government run project, there are some exciting new constraints for me to work with. Chief of which has been a media blackout leading up to the launch.

The Edge Launch Webcast

As of today, however, I’m allowed to share what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months, and what I will be doing here in the future. Right now I’m running a webcast, which will be worth watching, as it will feature DZ, (whose video The Mess Up was one of my favorites of 2009), Dot.AY, Impossible Odds, Felinedown, and Australian visualist Simulcast closing out the night with an Audiovisual set.

After tonight is over, the doors are thrown open to the public, and I’ll be able to share what’s going on, so stay tuned!

The Edge website.
@SLQEdge on Twitter.
Live stream page.