You have until Friday to change the way we think about buttons.

We live in the age of multi-touch, of sophisticated GPS and accelerometers tracking gestures, of augmented reality and $100 computers. In other words, it’s the perfect time to meditate on the lowly button. And as visualists and designers, you have a unique relationship to buttons and the digital worlds they control.

I can’t wait to assemble the results of the One Button Game Objects show, opening at Gray Area Foundation in San Francisco with the collaboration of CDM and gaming collective Kokoromi. I’ve already seen fascinating contributions that range from sonic objects to full-fledged installed multiplayer games you can play from a single button.

We’re still accepting more entries, and we’re able to squeeze in projects submitted through this Friday. Here are ultra-simplified rules:

It doesn’t have to be a game. (But it could be.)

It does need to do something – make noise, make lights, move, or otherwise interact.

It needs to operate on its own. We have to be able to plug it in and have it function, without the addition of a computer, etc.

Submission descriptions/proposals must be received by the end of the day, Friday, March 5.

Physical objects need to be shipped to California for March 10 arrival, to be ready for the opening Friday, March 12. It will then be shipped back to you.

Send submissions, as detailed as you can, to:

This is an event that can give back to the CDM community; we should have some documentation not only of the projects but also details of working with your own DIY creations involving buttons.