Veta just reminded me that the CDMo RSS feed has been broken for a while in some browsers. I use Google Reader so I never noticed that anything was wrong. It’s now fixed.

RSS Fountain by Orin Zebest

Which brings me to other, server-related CDM news. If you’ve been keeping an eye on CDMusic, you may have noticed Peter mentioning our Noisepages communities recently. We’ve been working on this quietly for a while, the Vixid minisite was part of our testing of the multi-site version of WordPress (CDM’s underlying software), and CDMotion has actually been a Noisepages blog for several months now.

We’re still working on how this is going to fit together for users, but if you’re interested in testing things out, watching our efforts unfold and networking with fellow visualists, you can sign up for a Noisepages account, and check out whether there are any interesting groups to join.