CDMo Feed Fixed. Noisepages Approacheth.

Veta just reminded me that the CDMo RSS feed has been broken for a while in some browsers. I use Google Reader so I never noticed that anything was wrong. It’s now fixed. Which brings me to other, server-related CDM news. If you’ve been keeping an eye on CDMusic, you may have noticed Peter mentioning […]

BBQ Chicken Ambiences, and Ten Other Inspiring Sound Design Stories

Whether your trade in audio is in soundtracks for screens and games, or you’re just exploring strange, new worlds and seeking out new life and new timbres in your music, the discipline of sound design is as rich and deep as cooking. It’s something you can do every day. Okay, now just put that “cooking” […]

- May 10, 2010

A Blog Focused on Sound Design, Special with Game Sound Veteran Rob Bridgett

Designing Sound, as the name implies, focuses entirely on the craft of audio from film to games. While there are industry-driven sites devoted to the topic, this blog is entirely the labor of love of composer and sound designer Miguel Isaza, whose writing has also appeared on Spain’s Hispasonic and Monofónicos. (Miguel also tweets to […]

Peter Kirn - November 6, 2009

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