Since I was in Texas this weekend, I missed Synthtopia picking up an iPad example, seen below (though it’s useful to have Sam’s instructions, too).

Also, our friend Joe Gore details how the whole system works with iPad, including plug-in manipulation and automatic mapping of parameters for plug-in functions. I agree; it’s nicely done.

iPad + Logic + TouchOSC = HOLY CRAP! []

Readers do touch upon standardization or interoperability between apps. It’s a good point, and the short answer is, right now, today, OSC doesn’t provide any way to do that. Many of the necessary facilities are there, but there isn’t a way for developers like Apple to support something standardized. It is a real need. It might look nothing like MIDI or later ideas like Mackie Control, both de facto standards (and the latter controlled by just one vendor). But you’d need a way to describe messages that wasn’t recreated by hand each time you use a new app.