On Melancholy Hill – NYC Lights from Chateau Bezerra on Vimeo.

The fact that computers and digital media can generate anything can be an added incentive to peer out into the physical world around you. So Chateau Bezerra, a CDM reader who was lucky enough to win some software from us previously in a giveaway, sends along this example. A spec video using music by the Gorillaz, the crisp typography is composed entirely from real electric lights around New York, a visual poem in neon. It reminds me of the montages in old Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons, the dizzying glowing lights that’d drift around characters’ heads as they went out for a night on the town. Thanks for sharing, and readers, keep the visual ideas coming.

Director: Chateau
Cinematography: Alpha Smoot
Song: Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz

Shot on Canon 5D II and Canon 40D. Finished in After Effects.