TuioKinect from Martin Kaltenbrunner on Vimeo.

Post hacking, Kinect is starting to look like it could be a do-anything controller in the mold of Nintendo’s Wii remote. Martin Kaltenbrunner, of ReacTable fame, has already posted a convenient application that maps gestures from Kinect to TUIO. (TUIO is a lightweight set of message specs atop OSC, one that can easily be supported by any application and platform, and which is already used by a number of tools.)

The app opens countless musical and visual interactive applications. As Martin describes it:

TuioKinect tracks simple hand gestures using the Kinect controller and sends control data based on the TUIO protocol. This allows the rapid creation of gesture enabled applications with any platform or environment that supports TUIO.

You can download the application from:​

(Via Rui Penha.)