say Hello to KONKREET PERFORMER from Konkreet Labs on Vimeo.

Berlin-based artist Shai Levy of Konkreet Labs shares their upcoming Konkreet Performer, an OSC controller application running on iOS that combines touch control with interactive visualization. The experience rethinks what A/V performance control could be, with a wild, alien interface of circles and particles interconnected with delicate meshes of lines.

If you’re in Berlin, there’s a performance tomorrow evening (I’m not, so send pics!):

Shai also has more to say on our own Noisepages community (which is launching in full form very, very soon, by the way). Excerpt:

and then came the iPhone and the stream of new music apps grew by the day. we could see the potential of using this platform to be used as a controller, but were literally shocked to see faders and knobs being repeatedly cloned from the old physical interfaces down to the flat, yet very powerful domain of the tablets.

so we came up with Konkreet Performer! and because it’s not out yet, i’m really dying to tell you how it is to work with:
we use OSCulator to map it to our DAW of choice. so far we’ve experimented mosly with Ableton Live and Kore2.

the first thing you experience while working with KP is the good old magic of “happy accidents”.

Join in on the discussion on the intriguingly-named “We Are Artists,” which proposes asking deep questions about what it means to be an artist on these media:
Noisepages Groups: introducing Konkreet Performer

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Stay tuned for more on Konkreet Performer; it’s due early in 2011.