Melbourne, Australia-based acid music lover dyLab posts 303-made goodness on the Acid Box Blues blog. And here’s a great way to get in the holiday mood — well, that is, if acid music gets you in the holiday mood. It’s a pattern laid out on paper, ready to program into your TB-303 hardware, software emulation, x0xb0x, Pd patch, or however you get your real/fake 303 on. The pattern is the work of Honeysmack (Soundcloud site), a fellow Melbourne-based artist.

The December Acid Pattern

I’m rather hoping that putting patterns and presets on paper catches on; I dubbed our MeeBlip version “hipster patch storage.” As it happens, in this case you can download the blank template for your 303 activities. There’s something about committing something electronic in nature to actual paper. And once you’re done, you can share with others with a SoundCloud group. Or, better yet, if you have enough music-making friends, make this your holiday card. (Start on that New Year’s card now, kids.)

There’s more in the way of giveaways, too. Try on a free TR-606 sample set and check out other goodies on the rest of the site.

In Christmas We Trust by Honeysmack by DyLABs