Another gorgeous render by Stephan Gries. I could live in a virtual reality studio made by this guy.

At the very least, Tyrell, the synthesizer dreamt up by readers of the website, will be realised in software form – and it might inspire a hardware module, too. That’s the word from Peter Grandl from Amazona, who writes:

our project TYRELL will become reality. :-)))
First as a Software Synthesizer, programmed by U-He (from the inventors of ZEBRA 2) and hopefully later as an analog hardware device.

Urs Heckman (see picture) is working on a Synth-project called DIVA. One part of the project is developing a module which is based on the ROLAND Juno 60. Exactly this synth was also the base for the Reader-Survey. Now, Urs will bring both ideas together and will create TYRELL – N6 as the first TYRELL Clone.

Since the last letter we have been contacted by three companies from Europe and China. Each of these companies has expressed interest to realize TYRELL.

PS: BTW – the Software Version of U-He will be free of charge for readers. We expected a beta-version before Christmas this year!!

As a huge fan of Urs’ development work, color me interested – and DIVA itself is sounding a fascinating project. So what may have begun as hardware dreams could wind up being more interesting as software. In fact, building this as a controller wouldn’t be unimaginable. (Come on, I have to anger analog hardware die-hards at least some of the time, or I’m not going to live up to the name of this site.)

Speaking of hardware, though, have a look at the slick, new design look. Stephan Gries tells me the rendering engine he’s using with the Rhino modeler is Maxwell, since a number of people asked. (In a first draft, I wrote that the models were “rendered” in Rhino; it’s really that they were modeled in Rhino and rendered in Maxwell.)

Urs Heckmann.