Chris Stack, now no longer with Moog Music, is instead spending his time putting out a terrific series of demo videos in which he combines a dream studio of Moog gear. In the last one, we saw him producing stereo ring modulation — and see comments, as someone did take up my challenge to do the same thing with Pd (Pure Data, the open source patching environment).

Now, he’s back with a fantastic set of control voltage demos. For the uninitiated, control voltage is analog voltage routed between modules or instruments not as sound signal, but as a means of modulating parameters. Here, the arpeggiator of the Moog Little Phatty synth, synchronized to MIDI clock so that everything is in time, modulates other synths, effects, and even a Moog Guitar.

The Moog Guitar example is really hauntingly lovely and expressive, meriting mention here. It’s a reminder of what a beautiful electronic instrument the guitar can be – amidst all the tortuous discussions of how to invent new instruments and interfaces, one might be staring you in the face.

I find a lot of my friends are turning to modular techniques and buying modular racks, which is fine, but it bears repeating that the strategy is applicable elsewhere. A couple of pieces of hardware with CV might be enough to get you started, as here, and the same kinds of routing techniques are just as relevant in the realm of the computer. (Let me say that again since some people missed it in comments, etc.: you can do this in the box in software.) That’s good to know in case your budget or physical space can’t accommodate the “real” analog gear. But that’s another reason to check out what people are doing with hardware; even if you do use software, it can be a source of inspiration and ideas. We’re fortunate to get to choose either working method.

But I digress – does this video give you any ideas for ways of working? Specific requests for Chris as he makes new videos? Or are you already off on eBay looking for a deal on a Slim Phatty? And for that matter, those of you who have been clamoring for a Create Analog Music, what would you want to see, given the galaxy of potential devices? (Ancient Buchla modulars? ElectroComps? DIY CV? Let us know.)

Updated: Chris sends over this audio of his friend Jake Wolf on fretless bass working with Chris and more Moog:
Jake Wolf – Chris Stack, fretless bass, Moog Guitar and electronics by chrisstack

Chris writes:

In this one the LP pitch CV is instead going to the oscillator frequency CV input of the ring mod the guitar is running through. You don’t hear it a lot. I fade the ring mod in from time to time with an expression pedal. It show up as some subtly shifting metalic overtones.

Also, Other than Moogerfoogers, I’m running the guitar straight into the mixer. That nice warm distortion comes from overdriving Moogerfoogers.