Jonni Music, novelty music act for BBC Comedy, nails plenty of current music video cliches in “Walking in Slow Motion.”

And it occurs to me we could use your help. Next time you come across a bland, dull music video, take note. Like field researchers tagging migrating ducks, we can begin to identify the whereabouts and behavioral patterns of music video cliches as they make their slow trudge through the sludge of pop culture. Perhaps we could even build a list of the species of cliches, one by one.

And, if we’re really fortunate, we might be able to manage packing all the cliches into one cautionary video, a den of creative sin to warn away unwary bands.

I will say, at least, it’s a sign of the growing democratization of music and videos alike that so many artists are able to make equally horrible efforts whether they’re first-come, unsigned acts or superstars. And that’s really beautiful, ain’t it?

More Jonni Music – though, uh, thanks BBC for arbitrarily blocking some content from the rest of the world:
Jonni Music clips