Photo courtesy Moog Music.

The earliest major analog electronic instrument meets laptop, as artist Dorit Chrysler demonstrates the power of her voice and musicianship in the Moog Sound Lab.

How it works:

To function as a one woman band, Dorit triggers a prerecorded backtrack on her laptop, adding vocals and theremin in real time. At her feet are a Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay and an Akai Head Rush looper that add layers of complexity to the sonic depth to her sound.

It’s an eminently practical rig, with the sort of gear you can really cherish rather than just dispose – and just the sort of live performance we’d love to see more often. Having just come off watching a night of intense live electronic performance at Philadelphia’s Saturn Never Sleeps (more documentation of that soon), seeing this makes me want to head into my own lab and do some serious practicing. There’s no technology quite like the human technology.

Moog Sound Lab: Dorit Chrysler