From Austin, Texas, a bit of a haven for brilliant custom sound hardware, comes this epic-looking MIDI controller by Mad Zach, the SR MixControl. Covered in blinding super-bright LEDs, and with an absurdly-thorough complement of sliders, knobs, and arcade buttons, it looks as thought it’d be right at home on your evil flying saucer or Mad Max Interceptor.

Here’s what the makers have to say about it in their sales pitch:

The SR MixControl is a highly versatile mix-minded controller designed and built custom for Simon Rodgers of Victoria, Australia. It features high quality black concave arcade buttons, super bright red LED’s, sliders, spring buttons, and super smooth knobs. Tying it all together is custom artwork from Clay Chollar. This controller also integrates an elegant programmer application that enables complex LED functionality and innovative preset memory.

Mad Zach is also running his own custom shop, one of a handful of places that do custom MIDI controllers. I’ll be interested to hear how that business goes. In the case of, they will work with any combination of sliders and knobs, buttons, switches, touch strips, and LEDs, and add hardwood, aluminum, and acrylic cases along with airbrushed and screenprinted graphics.

More on that:

I usually hear from the makers, but if you’re a reader who commissions something lovely like this, we all hate and envy you we’d love to hear from you and see what you’ve done.

And Austin, what’s your secret?

I’m betting the tacos.

Updated: Livid Instruments confirms the guts of the hardware is their DIY Series, the Builder, including 2 “Brain” boards.