They are so totally invited to our platonic solid and regular polygon music festival. Let’s hold it on the island of Samos, okay? Who’s in? Photo courtesy the artists.

Perhaps channeling ancient cults of Pythagoras, the producer duo Kompal, based in Austria, have not only made an insane noise machine powered by light, but also ask you to hunt for triangles. Yes, the shape. Instead of a remix contest or photo contest or “like our Facebook page” business, they want you to take pictures of polygons.

First, about that sound-and-light-and-noise thing that will scare your friends. It is “a unique soundmachine controlled by light, containing controllable flashlights
as well as an optical filter, loudspeakers, an audio output and a hall effect drive. And last but not least the red “turbo button”.”

It isn’t entirely unique, in that it recalls designs like Bleep Labs’ Thinamagoop and the classic STEIM cracklebox, among others, but it is a lot bigger and more frightening. (I know at least one person trying to carry something like this through 9/11 security in NYC yesterday, and am curious how that went.)

The good news: you can win this:

Win the Kompalisator!
The Kompal producers Bernhard Belej and Jodok Dietrich have started a
galactic photo contest themed “Kompalisiere your world”. Those who
would like to join the contest should keep their eyes wide open and be
after any kind of triangle. Take a picture, upload it on Kompal fb or and hope for plenty of user ratings. The pictures could
also be sent via mail to A jury will choose the
winner of the fantastic “Kompalisator” out of the ten pictures
that got the most likes on September 30.

For more information about Kompal, their music and live shows visit

Their music is actually rather lovely, not the mayhem of this particular box – think dreamy and slick, if thoroughly technological, sparkling and then adding in amiable beats and bass.

And full of triangles. A nicely-built, silly video, and some tracks:

Latest tracks by Kompal