It’s hard to say enough good things about the music video for “Persephone” by Mimi Goese and Ben Neill, so let’s keep it short:

40 blocks of ice (25 L of water), in 40 timelapses of four hours, are strung into some 36,000 photos of stop-motion animation. Stop motion might just rest on its visual spectacle, but in the hands of director Christophe Thockler, the results are positively cinematic, too, and oddly poignant.

With sound on mute, that would be wonderful to watch, but instead, you get to enjoy the music of trumpet player/technologist Ben Neill and vocalist Mimi Goese in a silky, sexy-smooth track that might melt you like so many blocks of ice.

The artists:

Ah, you say, but how was it made? Watch:

On that video – Oberon by Mimi Goese & Ben Neill, available on the special edition of “Songs for Persephone,” along with, of course, the track in the music video.