The weather outside is frightful, but the hi-fi is so delightful. Let it snow. Photo (CC-BY) Junichiro AOYAMA, Kyoto.

From Berlin’s Melissa Taylor and Tailored Communication, for my money, just about the best publicist for electronic music out there, we get one epic playlist. If you’re lucky enough to get one holiday or another (Christmas? Boxing Day?) in the next few days, fire up this terrific playlist. You get a full range, from some favorites of mine in 2011 like best-of-toppers Sepalcure, Ghostly’s Mark E, mainstay Thomas Fehlmann, Four Tet, and many more.

It’s exceptional quality stuff, perfect to settle back and take your ears and musical mind on a much-needed vacation.

Clocking in at one hour, forty five minutes, you can stream or download via SoundCloud. Just remember, as Melissa reminds us, “music is for life, not just for Christmas. Buy vinyl!”

(Or, uh, this being a site with ‘digital’ in its name, go lossless and make backups, too. Actually – do both.)

Tailored Xmas Mega-Mix 2011 by Melissa

1. Planetary Assault Systems – Movement 12 / Ostgut
2. Deadbeat – Fourth Quarter (Cala┬┤s House) / BLKRTZ
3. Popol Vuh – Schnee (Flow edit) – Thomas Fehlmann Flow Mix / SPV
4. Jonsson / Alter – Acapellan / Kontra
5. Locussolus – Gunship / International Feel
6. Steffi – Yours feat. Virginia / Ostgut
7. SCB – Loss / Aus
8. Matilda – Protea / Exone
9. Mount Kimbie – Carbonated (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) / Hotflush
10. Lucy – Bein (James Ruskin Remix) / Stroboscopic Artefacts
11. Peverelist – Dance Til The Police Come / Hessle Audio
12. Drums Of Death – The Jerk / Civil Music
13. Mark E – Belvide Beat / Ghostly
14. Exercise One – Top Score (Stop Thinking!) / Cocoon
15. Boo Williams – Devil Music / Anotherday
16. VCMG – Spock (DVS1 Voyage Home Remix) / Mute
17. The Black Dog – Heavy Industry (Shifted Remix) / Dust Science
18. Four Tet – Locked / Text
19. Untold – Sweat / Hotflush
20. Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp /Hotflush
21. Roll The Dice – Cause And Effect / The Leaf Label

Tailored Xmas Mega-Mix 2011 – mixed by Exercise One