“Wayne Gretzky and Spiderman are at the door, and they brought cake!”

Speaking to the Eyeo visualization festival in Minneapolis, digital artist and designer Jer Thorp (aka blprnt) shows what’s possible with visualization and data as a medium. As the Data Artist in Residence at The New York Times and teacher at NYU’s ITP, he knows his stuff, and here he shares work from a person at the top of his game.

In this long-form video, you can sit back and take in the whole presentation, which covers:
https://openpaths.cc/: A unique visualization and data management tool that works with your location data – while keeping the tool open and secure

Second, an algorithm for resolving where to put the names on the 9/11 memorial, a contentious and sensitive task

Eyeo itself is a great story, and we’ll have some other videos from them. Looks like they have even more in store for 2012, but it’s A-grade visualism there – everything from data visualization to physical computing to creative coding with 3D and live visuals, all using the tools we love.

More on Jer’s blog