“Everything old is new again” certainly could be no more true than in electronic music, in which futuristic possibility is constantly expanded by our history, a tradition in finding alien, new sounds. So it’s a great pleasure to go back and read articles from electronic music’s past. They just might open a window to its future. They certainly seem oddly more relevant as they age, in many cases.

Keyboard (then Contemporary Keyboard) and Electronic Musician seem lacking in good archives, but at least you can explore the wonderful Synapse Magazine in its entirety, courtesy another synth legend – Cynthia at Cyndustries.


I was aware of this archive for some time; I even wrote about it in the heady early days of CDM in 2005. (I must have been taking the same drugs as whomever designed Synapse’s cover art, because I inexplicably called it Synergy magazine, changing a brilliant name into a horrible corporate cliché in the process. I will assume the statute on copy corrections has past, and leave it for posterity. Sorry. I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now. And better at copy editing, I hope.)

Dangerous Minds brings it up again, as picked up by Metafilter – and thanks to everyone who shared this, including CDM’s own Marsha Vdovin.

Now: to outfit our studios to our satisfaction, then laugh heartily with evil glee as does TONTO here. We ask for so little much.