In their lonely, intimate single “Pillatu,” the Chile-based duo of Vicente Espinoza and Alfredo Duarte offer some haunting music-making. Entitled El Gato, la Virgen & el Diablo (“the cat, the virgin, and the devil”), the artists are also making a kind of multimedia presentation of the work. Thanks to these CDM readers for sending in their work.

Fire up the SoundCloud-based music, and you can play a series of video loops in a grid that sits alongside the music. It’s a nice window into their sonic world, with short video clips of sounds from bicycles to Korg Monotron.

In fact, those sounds can be so nicely hypnotic that you may try turning off the main track just to switch them on and off for a soothing set of echoing noises.

Here’s the single itself:


And more sounds on SoundCloud:

En Español:

Pilletu es el primer single de El Gato, la Virgen & el Diablo, que suena mejor si lo escuchas desde este micro-sitio.

La idea es bien simple: a medida que se reproduce la canción puedes ir activando los clips que se encuentran a la derecha, complementándola con estos sonidos.

Esperamos disfrutes, participes y compartas.