We hear you: amidst the various music doodling tools calibrated for casual taps on a phone screen, you want something you can actually make your own with your own sounds. Here’s one example of that: triqtraq. It’s got the “tap it on the bus to improvise a pattern” feel of some of the apps we’ve seen lately, but without sacrificing the sort of control that might keep you coming back to it. And because it lets you include your own samples, there is some depth. (No Audio Copy/Paste, though, before some reader chimes in and points that out.)

Creators Sebastian Schatz, Olaf van Zon, and Joerg Peschel say that they wanted to scratch an itch similar to the one we’ve heard from readers. They write in the press release: “With this app, we (a bunch of friends that are crazy about electronic music) are trying to take music jamming on the iPhone to the next level. Instead of creating an app that simplifies the creation of music on an iPhone so much that you are bored with the possibilities within a week, triqtraq gives you a lot of flexibility.”


create musical patterns fast and intuitively, by programming live or by using the ‘step edit’-feature
automate parameters like pitch, filter, delay, decay and level in real-time
change samples or sample kits on-the-fly while jamming
edit multiple tracks simultaneously
store up to 16 patterns and 32 samples per session
specify the length of a sequence per track, or set the automation length for each parameter individually
switch seamlessly between patterns
use the loop range feature to create poly-rhythmic sequences
use sounds from the 350+ factory sample library
import your own sounds via iTunes file sharing

Find it in the CDM apps section:

Among other information, the developers have loads of tutorials on their site: