74R505 – M4kin9 0f from michaelias on Vimeo.

It’s surprisingly beautiful, sometimes, this point where light meets substance. So, saying “projection mapping” suggests something other than what we really want to do, which is to sculpt with pixels. Here’s another example of that zeitgeist’s ouvre, from Austrian artists participating in the Schmiede “creative playground” last month. And the result looks like a digital bird that broke through from some virtual dimension – or, perhaps, an alien creature that will kill you in an unreleased Half Life game. (In a good way.) Via.

projection mapping on a cardboard-based sculpture. thanks to schmiede 12 and all the smiths out there!
location: schmiede hallein, september 2012
team: jassi hagleitner, darren kirwan, micha elias pichlkastner, tim schenk, raimund schumacher, caro wimmer
video: micha elias pichlkastner
3d artist: jassi hagleitner
music: darren kirwan
camera: micha elias pichlkastner, gregor sams(a), christoph tripp

And I have no idea what this next video means, but I’m a bit disappointed that it links to a Facebook group and not a secret society. It is very fun to watch, though (warning: not for those who are alarmed by the sight of nipples – though, sorry, can’t do anything to help you there).

G0D-E COMMERCIAL from michaelias on Vimeo.