I can see exactly how this goes. Me. A Korg Poly800. One MIDI cable. A quiet moment in the studio. A completely ridiculous mis-interpretation of Mayan history that some have decided is the end of the world.

Let me just light some candles to set the mood.

“Hey there, Korg. So… this could be our last night on Earth.

I know this is my friend’s studio. But — who knows if the sun is going to come up tomorrow. Let me just find out where you’re connected in the patch bay.”

Actually, let me just stop there before I get carried away. This is a family site.

Yes, our friend AfroDJMac has come up with the perfect Ableton Live pack for the apocalypse, in collaboration with Mike Longo. It’s accompanied by an apocalypse EP, made entirely with the sounds in the collection. Description:

Get ready for the end! Announcing The Armageddon Pack, a large collection of Ableton Live Instruments for the Apocalypse! It’s comprised of multi-sampled instruments created with samples from the Korg Poly800 MKII analog synthesizer. These sounds are perfect for the post-apocalyptic world. It will be officially released on 12.21.12 at 12:21pm, but can currently be preordered for the reduced price of $12.21. The preorder includes an exclusive free instrument called “The Chosen One” to help you get ready for the end!


And whether you want to go apocalyptic with Live or not, some music to hear:

AfroDJMac says that the Korg here was programmed to its “most apocalyptic sounds.” And so that raises a really crucial question: which synth would you want in an apocalypse? (MeeBlip for me, but for sentimental reasons.)