Armageddon-Themed Pack for Ableton Live, EP, Featuring Korg Poly800 MKII

I can see exactly how this goes. Me. A Korg Poly800. One MIDI cable. A quiet moment in the studio. A completely ridiculous mis-interpretation of Mayan history that some have decided is the end of the world. Let me just light some candles to set the mood. “Hey there, Korg. So… this could be our […]

Dear Elektron: Do You Need Some More Natural Sunlight?

Jeez. Maybe you should just pick up a Monomachine from Craigslist, because it seems like life with the Analog Four might be a bit … uh … apocalyptic. Other thoughts: 1. Winter in Sweden: it’s dark. Not a lot of sunlight. Your synth teasers can start to get a bit … odd. 2. First Aid […]

- November 9, 2012

Party Like it's the End of the World: Eclectic Method Apocamix

Audiovisual superstars Eclectic Method hop on the apocalypse bandwagon, resulting in a rockin’ audiovisual mix that can get your Judgment Day parties started right. Although, as I keep having to correct people, this is technically the Rapture that some say will be happening this weekend, not the full blown “end of the world.” That leaves […]

Peter Kirn - May 20, 2011

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