FIBER Festival – Sharing Signals from Hotpixel on Vimeo.

When you see artistic ideas spreading, practices evolving, part of the reason is that people are being exposed to those ideas. (It’s nice when contagion has artistic symptoms, rather than, you know, nasty illnesses and whatnot.)

Here, the design agency Hotpixel documents a video montage love sonnet to Holland’s FIBER Festival, as the Netherlands meet Mexico City.

In March 2012 we were invited to co-curate the video gallery, exhibit at the expo, participate in a discussion panel and give an openFrameworks workshop for the FIBER Festival 2012. This is a video documentation of how much we enjoy the festival.

More work from this crew:

For the Metal Museum PeƱoles, a tangible interface design explaining, yes, metals:

Processes from Hotpixel on Vimeo.

And while it’s simple, I quite enjoy this teaser video for their Processing workshops – speaking of spreading knowledge:

Processing Workshops from Hotpixel on Vimeo.

The agency:

Hotpixel is a digital agency based in Mexico City, that fuses art, design and technology to develop new ways of interaction.
We create custom software and hardware for multitouch systems, computer vision and live generative graphics.

FIBER is an “event platform” as well as festival; they next organize a Bring Your Own Beamer event in Utrecht.