The melodic layouts of pads on Ableton’s new Push hardware do place notes in closer proximity, allowing you to perform virtuosic materials with added ease.

Well, some added ease. You can bet what you see in this video isn’t that easy. Yes, even before Push is available to the public, there’s already one insane video on YouTube of Flight of the Bumblebee. In fact, I’m not sure how anyone will top this, exactly, even once Push is publicly available. While requiring less dexterity than the piano might, this still requires some dexterity – and practice adapting to a layout that isn’t a conventional piano layout.

This is the work of Yehezkel Raz, whose YouTube account is chock full of Ableton-produced music. There is some music in there, too. Here’s a quite-nice track, featuring more Classical piano licks:

Here he is having fun playing a kind of augmented/player-piano digital hybrid on the Push’s predecessor, Novation Launchpad.

And yes, he plays the traditional black-and-white piano, too.

Beautiful, this ambient “Night Notes” series – “Flight of the Bumblebee” may ultimately get more views, but it’s a great showpiece for discovering his other music.

Thanks to nerk for this one.