Professor Kliq – Wire and Flashing Lights from Patator on Vimeo.

It’s digital stop motion – wire, flashing lights, and paper are animated in a crazy-catchy groove in this latest animation from Paris-based director (and CDM reader) Victor Haegelin.

Working with music by Chicago electro artist Professor Kliq (Mike Else), the track name is also, conveniently, “Wire and Flashing Lights.” (If that didn’t call for this stop motion treatment, I don’t know what would.)

Kliq’s music is released with just this kind of animation in mind, using Creative Commons:

For the last four years, I’ve been releasing my own music under a Creative Commons license. With a growing following around the world, I’ve had opportunities to create and license music for all kinds of projects from all kinds of creators. This is my dream and with each day it becomes more of a reality. I make music for myself. I make music for creators, game developers, and film makers.

And here’s his response as this showed up unexpectedly:

I woke up one morning to this video in my inbox, along with a short note asking “Is it alright if I use this track?” As you could imagine, I was absolutely blown away by the quality, execution, and creativity in this video. I went on to form a friendship with Victor Haegelin, the creator of this fine video. It was originally set to possibly my most popular track “Plastic & Flashing Lights”, but that track was made so long ago, before I had an education in music or even a hundredth of the technology I have access to now, so I gave it a bit of a facelift. Thanks for making such an amazing video, Victor.

More videos of this sort, thanks to that CC license:


And the full track, “made in Ableton.”

Official description:

Follow the crazy walk of the wired man inhabited by Professor Kliq’s music. Wire and paper stop motion animation on “Wire & Flashing Light”, 2013 remasterized version of “Plastic & Flashing Lights. ”

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