Hyperbubble – A Synthesizer for Christmas from Ambar Navarro on Vimeo.

Put the synth back in … Christm… um, Christmasynth. Synthmas.

It’s the reason for the season.

And that’s the message of a delightful video from animator Ambar Navarro. (Apologies if you’ve seen this already – Ambar sent her work to us last week – but I think it’s well worth another watch and mention.)

It embodies the ethos of synth love right now, the adored, all-in-one electronic instrument in all its charm. And this is just one introduction to a lovely body of work my Ambar, in the experimental animation program at Cal Arts. (Cal Arts is itself a great electronic music institution as well as a film and animation powerhouse.) The music comes from the American retro-electro duo Hyperbubble, aka Jess and Jeff.

Thanks, Ambar, Jess, Jeff, and co. You’re warming the hearts of many a synthesist.




Animated/Directed by Ambar Navarro
Music by Hyperbubble, hyperbubble.net
Additional Animation by
Julian Petschek
Tempe Hale
Quique Rivera Rivera
Isabela Dos Santos
Tomas Christian
Post-Prod done by Julian Petschek
Shot at BE∆RD H∆US

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Ambar has posted some great behind-the-scenes shots to that Twitter account, which give you a small inkling of the amount of work that went into this.





And read a short interview in the UK-based online animation magazine Skwigly, part of their Advent series:

Dec 23: Hyperbubble – A Synthesizer for Christmas (Amber Navarro)