Robotkid, aka Josh Randall, is the veteran former Creative Director at Harmonix who regularly infused VJ and real-time visual aesthetics into the company’s games (Beatles Rock Band, VibRibbon, etc.). Now, he’s gone to LA, where his passion for the most fantastically colorful trips of the past is feeding new visual fancies.

And they’re too good not to share.

Where better to start than with a full-on freak-out on Disneyland’s Space Mountain, here seeming more futuristic than ever:

Then there’s The Terrible Machine – a VHS remix machine that anyone can use in real-time.

The Terrible Machine is a new interactive arcade experience that allows players to instantly remix classic VHS footage into a monstrous audio/visual mashup! Jam with your friends to create the ultimate found-footage funk! On display at “Everything is Festival”

“Say what, you?” you say?

Well, let’s see what you can actually do with this thing. Here’s The Terrible Machine taking us all on a journey into The Land of Trippy Hats:

Josh has also been posting little visual poems, short psychedelic gems:

The best of these is verbatim from Badlands, the 1984 Konami video game. It’s future-cowboy-psychedelica.

(Check YouTube for various videos and full play-throughs)

If you want to hop on that horse and ride, there’s an open emulator for laserdiscs for every platform:

Daphne Emulator

Thanks, Robotkid. Keep the rainbows dancing before our eyes, please.

For more, follow Josh’s Instagram and YouTube:

Or, you know, book him as a VJ.