Loe Pesci loves his sampler. No, really loves his sampler. (Video omits any NSFW parts, though; you only see smoking in bad afterward.)

Lyrics in this number are — well, complex. It seems there was more sampling going on early in the relationship. That didn’t stop AKAI from sharing the video, even if there is a brief glimpse of Ableton.

The music:

Montreal-based Loe Pesci also surely deserves credit for working “12-bit sampling engine” into a rap. That’s some nerdcore action, right there. A forum posted complains that they wish the tune were more serious, apparently because love for MPC is, for many, no joke.

I know some boys and girls who have their steadiest relationship with their drum machines. Respect. And they say they have no soul. So spend some time sampling in 2014, eh?

Actually, on that topic, the photo I located below comes from Oregon hip-hop producer Magic Trax, who writes a story called “Why I Stopped Sampling.” This is to do with sampling (copyrighted) tracks, however; anything that can be recorded with a mic is potentially a sample source.