mi.1 : Wireless MIDI Interface from QUICCO SOUND on Vimeo.

The wireless MIDI adapter we saw yesterday is now a crowd-funded campaign on IndieGogo. And we know more about it, too: the MIDI-powered device should ship in September at a price of US$45. (Funding backers will get their unit for as little as $35; other funding levels offer t-shirts, extra units, and even a party in Japan. European shipping is $5.)

As various developers have pointed out, wireless MIDI over Bluetooth – not to be confused with audio streams, which use a different spec – can get real-world latencies below 20 ms. Measurements aside, I’ve tried some applications that were eminently usable, without any noticeable delays.

Check out the campaign on IndieGogo:

mi.1 : Wireless MIDI Interface connecting Digital Piano and iOS device

Very Japanese – they pitch this as a “digital piano” accessory, to the point of a woman sitting back with a glass of wine and quietly listening to a MIDI performance. I’m guessing … that’s not quite what you have in mind. Nor am I certain what they mean about this sharing app. But the other app and applications look fantastic.

Completely unrelated – for more wireless goodness, check out this intriguing OSC-powered modular solution, which lets you draw in modulation via iOS and Android devices. There are still plenty of jacks onboard, so you won’t feel overly digital. Yes, please. (Thanks, Mark/UMCorps, via comments!)