From Germany to Mexico – the next location to host a collaborative laboratory of musical invention will be in Tijuana.

One of the participants in our MusicMakers Hacklab in Berlin at CTM Festival has decided to take that inspiration with her, and mount her own event in northern Mexico. You can join, too, if you live in Tijuana or can get yourself there.

What’s compelling to me is that the mission will blend some of the oldest, most retro tech with new applications and new ideas – see description below.

If you can’t get to Mexico, though, we can finish off our week with some nicely-strange experimental sounds from Leslie and her collaborator Michael Trigilio:

The event:

MMHL_TJ es un laboratorio de 3 días facilitado por Michael Trigilio y Leslie García, dirigido a desarrolladores de hardware/software, makers, músicos, compositores, diseñadores interactivos, artistas, o cualquier interesado en los procesos de creación DIWO de la música electrónica, dentro del cual se busca desarrollar sistemas standalone para generar sonido electrónico como:

Secuenciadores de pasos de 8 y 16 bits – Consolas Atari punk
Sintetizadores de modelado analógico
Generadores de tonos y de efectos
Y su interacción con dispositivos como: interfaces ópticas, biológicas y mecánicas.

MMHL_TJ is a 3 day laboratory coordinated by Michael Trigilio and Leslie García, addressed to hardware/software developers, makers, musicians, composers, interactive designers, artists and anyone interested in DIWO music creation processes, in which we are seeking to develop stand-alone systems such as:

8- and 16-bit step sequencers
Atari punk consoles
Analog modeling synthesizers
Tone and effect generators
And its interaction with optical, biological and mechanic interfaces.