Music tech videos need to be made like this again. (via dylan digits in comments)

You don’t need a private Ibiza pool party and some slow-motion to make you look cooler when your keytar makes lightning strike in your face.

Until then, we’re down-voting that s***. Consider yourself on notice.

The Honda scooter ad at the end just sort of fits in, because how else are you carrying your DX100? Not in a station wagon. Not on the subway. You’ve got FM to make anything possible and you’re already wearing a motorcycle helmet and leather. You can ride with your keyboard directly off stage. (Suggest unplugging it first, though.)

Frequency modulate this.

While we’re at it, here are three more amazing 80s synth ads:

Can you dance and play a POLY-800 at the same time? (Dig the MIDI jack action sexy close-up!)

When you have a CZ-101, you don’t need friends. You can travel into space with your curls as your helmet.

And you can make your own band: