And, let’s take a moment to have a laugh at the expense of EDM DJs – and, around that moment where you get some bloodied laptop fingers, ourselves.

YouTube Comedy purveyors Nacho Punch take on Oscar-winning Whiplash – a film about a jazz drummer – with a DJ rendition set in a made-up “Skrillex Academy.”

You’ll want to have the original fresh in mind first, so see the original above, then the parody below.

And then… well, here I was going to make some snarky comment or some sort of clever insight, or perhaps broaden the comedy to some deeper reflection on the meaning of…

Who am I kidding? Now I’m probably just going to spend the rest of tonight watching the rest of these YouTube videos, instead of the usual stories. Yeah, thanks for that. I should really be getting on a new mix in Traktor. Why don’t you see glow sticks any more, anyway? I … lost my train of thought. Crossfade.

Via DJ City. Thanks to our friends at the talented Aconia creative lab for sound + media, who actually have a whole lot of talent and are, indeed, some of the best.