You… might not want to watch this if you’re prone to motion sickness.

The array of press releases and new gear at a show can be dizzying. But this is literally dizzying – though not boring. This is a fly-through of the bigger-than-ever 2015 Musikmesse Schneidersb├╝ro Superbooth, hosted by our friend Wouter of KOMA Elektronik and shot with an iPhone and Instagram’s Hyperlapse.

There is just a whole lot of modular here. (Schneiders’ has a lot, but not even all the boutique makers here at the show.)

And… it’s just plain cool. It’s blinky. It has lights. It has knobs. It’s not hard to understand the appeal here to non-specialists as well as specialists, after years of bland gray gear entombed in look-alike plastic cases that resembled nothing if not a collaboration between a toy manufacturer and an office supply company. (Okay, that’s harsh, but – you know what I mean.) This is spaceship stuff.

It’s going to be an interesting year in gear.