You’ve seen plenty of EDM and DJ parodies, snarky Facebook images poking fun at people who can’t use turntables, what have you.

But let me just level with you: this video could basically be a parody of CDM … of me. I…

Well, I can’t really say much more. Just watch. (Another way you can tell this is made by producers, for producers, rather than, say, by someone at Saturday Night Live who doesn’t know how this works – check the gear choices.) Also, I think I need to go to MediaMarkt to buy a new keyboard, as I may have just spit my coffee all over this one.

What you’re seeing is the work of Norwegian sketch comedy show Kollektivet. 2manybuttons sounds like a Max for Live patch, even. Pitch perfect.

Thank you to reader Stig Fostervold for posting this to our Facebook page.

More – if you speak Norwegian, anyway: