Wait, what did we just watch, exactly?

So, there’s some sort of EDM movie involving Zac Efron. And then 128 bpm the… what?!



2006 club hits by Justice … as the title / hit tune … hashtag?

Obvious DJ gear but also … as Aroon Karvna notes “WTF detail: there’s a Buchla Music Easel at 1:25.” Holy boutique modular, Batman, you’re right!

I want to comment. But I feel I’m walking into a big trap. Could it be worth it to someone to actually troll all DJs everywhere with a trailer? Is there a real movie, or is this all a viral campaign to sell something else? Like maybe a new turntable or something; I don’t know. Why do I have a feeling marketing departments at DJ manufacturers paid good money to make sure their gear wasn’t seen in this film?

For now, I’m embarrassed on behalf of mixers, laptops, LA, the United States of America, music, and projectors in movie theaters.

Though I do agree that you should totally do some field recording for more interesting sounds.

When this hits video, though, watch it drunk with your DJ friends. And then – you’re welcome.

Tell you what, share this on social media and I’ll reward you with, well, really anything else in the hopes that we all regrow whatever brain cells we just murdered.

And thank you, The Debrief, who are as baffled as we are:

I swear I’m going to start rickrolling any comment trolls on CDM directly to a torrent of this film from now on. I’ll do it! Don’t think I won’t! That’ll teach ya.

Public service record:

I like to start at 125 bpm, too. But 960 bpm – that’s the magic number.

Side note: wow, CDM is still older than that 2006 Justice hit. Crazy.

Remember, for reference. At top, actual movie. Below, parody from earlier this year (a take on the jazz film Whiplash). The parody movie looks oddly more realistic, more accurate, less far-fetched, and with … more sympathetic characters?! What?